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Financial support for Japanese companies

JOGMEC has established an integrated financing system that covers from the initial exploration through development and production. Coal exploration projects involve extremely high-risk, so JOGMEC facilitates exploration by providing equity capital. Moreover, JOGMEC provides liability guarantees for the funds that Japanese companies borrow from private financial institutions because a lot of investment is needed for the development stage.

Equity participation in overseas exploration

JOGMEC provides equity capital up to 50% of the project cost to facilitate high-risk exploration projects of coal resources when a Japanese company explores for coal in a foreign country. Financing is provided by stock acquisition, and JOGMEC has a policy to sell its interests when the purposes of the exploration are achieved.

Liability guarantee for overseas development fund

JOGMEC provides liability guarantees for up to 80% of the debt borrowed from private financial institutions as funds necessary for investment for coal mining, subsequent cleaning and other related operations in a foreign country.
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