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National Program for Oil and Gas Prospecting

 “National Program for Oil and Gas Prospecting”, focusing in relatively un-explored offshore area in Japan where not enough geological data have been acquired, is planned as a pilot survey by Japanese government to identify oil and natural gas potentials in the area. Over the past few decades, JOGMEC (and former JNOC), co-working with the government, have executed this program to support and encourage exploration activities of private companies in Japan, and then to contribute to secure stable supply of oil and gas resources discovered in our country. Although limited hydrocarbon resources are thought to be available in Japan, to sustain the access for such resources is considered as an important energy policy of the government.

 The program consists of “Geophysical Survey and Basin Evaluation Project” to acquire basin-wide 2D and/or 3D seismic data and to evaluate prospecting area in the basin, and “Exploratory Drilling and Resource Assessment Project” to drill a test well on a potential structure and to evaluate petroleum sysytems in the area.

 Throughout this program, many geological and geophysical data have been become available for companies in Japan willing to explore domestic oil and natural gas resources. The results of the program are also disclosed to universities and public research organizations with permission of the government.

3D seismic vessel “Shigen”

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