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Technical support

 One feature of the unit is that it owns laboratories (various advanced experimental and analytical equipment and facilities for technological development) with which the unit enhances its advanced technologies and renders meticulous consultation support.
 Using the laboratories, the unit performs experimental studies for international collaborative research and technology development, and it conducts analyses of fluids and rock samples. Moreover, the unit provides experimental, analytical, and measurement support for Japanese E&P companies within the extent possible for operations of JOGMEC; charges for such activities are based on the analyzing cost set by JOGMEC.
 Our laboratories are equipped with a variety of analytic equipment, including X-ray CT scanner, fluid analyzers, measuring devices for elastic-wave propagation velocities in rock samples, and GC-MS spectrometer.

  • Fig.1 X-ray CT scanner

    Fig.1 X-ray CT scanner

  • Fig.2 Cuttings Transport Flow Loop System

    Fig.2 Cuttings Transport Flow Loop System