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This "Research Results Database System" is aimed for dissemination of results of R&D activities on oil and natural gas development technology fields carried out by Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) and the former Japan National Oil Corporation(JNOC).
Each abstract was created by JOGMEC for data entry.
Copyright of the contents that has been registered in this database belongs to the publisher, the academic society or its author.
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010827 Presentation Three-Phase Relative Permeability Estimation by Using Optimization Techniques Ryoichi Morishita (JOGMEC), Kenta Takahashi・Hideto Utsunomiya・Yoshihito Miura・Masanori Kurihara (Waseda University) EOR Division SPE/JAPT Workshop June 27, 2019
010825 Presentation Mechanism of Carbonated Water Injection EOR in Carbonate Reservoir Mai Shimokawara(JOGMEC), Elakneswaran Yogarajah・Toyoharu Nawa(Hokkaido University), Satoru takahashi(JOGMEC) Research Laboratory Division SPE/JAPT Workshop June 27, 2019
010823 Presentation Comparison between visualized hydraulic fractures and seismic event hypocenters Kohei Tamura・Isao Kurosawa(JOGMEC), Makoto Naoi・Youqing Chen(Kyoto University), Hironori Kawakata (Ritsumeikan University), Tsuyoshi Ishida(Kyoto University) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division 53rd US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium June 27, 2019
010813 Presentation Characterizing controls on reservoir properties in tight, fine-grained unconventional reservoirs Levi Knapp・Shinnosuke Uchida・Takashi Nanjo・Tatsuya Hattori(JOGMEC),Omid Haeri-Ardakani(Geological Survey of Canada), Hamed Sanei(Aarhus University) Geology and Geophysics Division JAPT Symposium 2019 June 12, 2019
010808 Presentation Relationship Between Microseismicity and Pre-Existing Fractures at the North Montney Tight Gas Field Yuto Sasaya・Yusuke Kumano(Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd.), Isao Kurosawa(JOGMEC) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division EAGE Annual 2019, the 81st Conference & Exhibition June 5, 2019
010806 Research Paper Determination of binary diffusion coefficients between hot liquid solvents and bitumen with X-ray CT Motonao Imai・Kazuaki Mikami(JOGMEC),Tatsuya Suganuma(JAPEX),Yoshihiro Tsuchiya(JOGMEC),Kazunori Nakagawa(JAPEX),Satoru Takahashi(JOGMEC) EOR Division Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Vol.177 (2019) P.496-507 February 14, 2019
010803 Presentation Study on monitoring CO2 reservoir by offset VSP combined use of Permanent Seismic Source ACROSS and Optical-fiber DAS Masaru Ichikawa・Masashi Nakatsukasa・Naoyuki Shimoda・Hideaki Ban・Ayato Kato(JOGMEC), Don White(GSC), Erik Nickel(PTRC), Thomas Daley(LBNL) Geology and Geophysics Division The 140th (2019 SPRING) SEGJ CONFERENCE June 3, 2019
010801 Presentation Molecular Simulation of Methane and Methane/Ethane Mixture Adsorption Behavior in Kerogen Nanopores Jinrong Cao・Yunfeng Liang・Yoshihiro Masuda(The University of Tokyo), Toshifumi Matsuoka(Fukada Geological Institute), Kohei Tamura・Hiroyuki Tanaka・Sunao Takagi(JOGMEC) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division Petro Phase 2019 June 4, 2019
010799 Presentation Investigation of Emulsification Effect during Low-salinity EOR through Core and Micromodel Flooding Experiments Ryoichi Morishita・Ryusuke Matsuyama・Masazumi Takayanagi・Satoru Takahashi(JOGMEC), Dinh Duc Huy・Pham Truong Giang・Nguyen Manh Hung・Nguyen Minh Quy(VPI) EOR Division Petro Phase 2019 June 2, 2019
010795 Presentation Development of Supercritical Water Cracking for Unconventional Heavy Oil Eugene Kono(JOGMEC) Facility Technology Division Petro Phase 2019 June 2, 2019
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