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Research Results Database System

This "Research Results Database System" is aimed for dissemination of results of R&D activities on oil and natural gas development technology fields carried out by Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) and the former Japan National Oil Corporation(JNOC).
Each abstract was created by JOGMEC for data entry.
Copyright of the contents that has been registered in this database belongs to the publisher, the academic society or its author.
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010493 Presentation Trial for a hydraulic fracturing design optimization by integration of fiber optic sensors and cutting samples analyses Shinnosuke Uchida・Kotaro Sekine・Kunio Akihisa・Daisuke Hyodo・Masato Kato・Levi J. Knapp(JOGMEC) Technology Department Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division GeoConvnetion2018 May 7, 2018
010458 Presentation A High-Pressure Plane-Strain Testing System to Evaluate Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation as a Sand Production Control Method Ning-Jun Jiang (University of Hawaii), Kenichi Soga (University of California), Koji Yamamoto (JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group GeoShanghai 2018 May 27, 2018
010455 Presentation Quantifying Velocity-Geology-Pressure Relationships in Core: The Foundations of a 4-D Seismic Feasibility Study in the Ichthys Gas-Condensate Field, NW Australia Levi Knapp・Tetsuzo Fukunari・Keita Yoshimatsu・Ayato Kato・Masayoshi Suzuki・Tatsuya Hattori(JOGMEC), Keiichi Furuya・Ryoichi Matsui(INPEX) Technology Department Geology and Geophysics Division AAPG 2018 Annual Convention May 20, 2018
010447 Presentation Simultaneous Low-frequency Data Acquisition Using Amplitude Modulated Half-cycle Pseudorandom Sweep Yuki Nakamura・Mamoru Takanashi・Yosuke Kunishi (JOGMEC), Junichi Sakakibara (JFE Civil) Technology Department Geology and Geophysics Division Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2017) November 15, 2017
010449 Presentation Nankai Trough Gas Hydrate Production Studies“Overview of the 2nd offshore production test of methane hydrates in the Eastern Nankai Trough” Satoshi Ohtsuki(JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group Gordon Research Conference, Natural Gas Hydrate System March 1, 2018
010434 Research Paper Monitoring hydraulically-induced fractures in the laboratory using acoustic emissions and the fluorescent method Makoto Naoi ・ Youqing Chen ・ Kengo Nishihara ・ Kazune Yamamoto ・ Shunsuke Yano ・ Shota Watanabe ・ Yuta Morishige (Kyoto University), Hironori Kawakata (Ritsumeikan University), Takashi Akai ・ Isao Kurosawa (JOGMEC), Tsuyoshi Ishida (Kyoto University) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science Vol.104 April 1, 2018
010426 Research Paper Characterization and Prediction of the Gas Hydrate Reservoir at the Second Offshore Gas Production Test Site in the Eastern Nankai Trough, Japan Machiko Tamaki (JOE), Tetsuya Fujii・Kiyofumi Suzuki (JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group Energies 2017, Vol. 10, Issue 10 October 23, 2017
010422 Research Paper Temporal variation of the shallow subsurface at the Aquistore CO2 storage site associated with environmental influences using a continuous and controlled seismic source Tatsunori Ikeda・Takeshi Tsuji(Kyushu University), Mamoru Takanashi・Isao Kurosawa・Masashi Nakatsukasa・Ayato Kato(JOGMEC), Kyle Worth(PTRC), Donald White・Brian Roberts(GSC) Technology Department Geology and Geophysics Division Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth May 20, 2017
010412 Research Paper Accessing Data from a Deepwater Sandface Monitoring System using an Autonomous, Unmanned Surface Vehicle – Japan Case Study Soon Seong Chee・Sudhir Pai・Edmond Yandon・Masanobu Ando・Haowei Tan (Schlumberger), Koji Yamamoto, Shigeru Suzuki (JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group OTC Asia 2018 (Offshore Technology Conference Asia) March 20, 2018
010410 Research Paper Modeling of Cuttings Lag Distribution in Directional Drilling to Evaluate Depth Resolution of Mud Logging Shigemi Naganawa(University of Tokyo), Manabu Suzuki・Kenji Ikeda・Norihito Inada・Ryosuke Sato(JOGMEC) Technology Department Development and Production Technology Division IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition March 6, 2018
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