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Research Results Database System

This "Research Results Database System" is aimed for dissemination of results of R&D activities on oil and natural gas development technology fields carried out by Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) and the former Japan National Oil Corporation(JNOC).
Each abstract was created by JOGMEC for data entry.
Copyright of the contents that has been registered in this database belongs to the publisher, the academic society or its author.
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010765 Presentation Efficient and robust solver for multiphase Rachford-Rice equations in compositional and thermal simulations Huanquan Pan (Stanford University), Motonao Imai(JOGMEC), Michael Connolly・Hamdi Tchelepi (Stanford University) EOR Division SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference April 10, 2019
010754 Presentation Molecular Simulation of Methane Adsorption Behavior in Kerogen Nanopores for Shale Gas Resource Assessment Jinrong Cao・Yunfeng Liang・Yoshihiro Masuda (The University of Tokyo), Hiroaki Koga・Hiroyuki Tanaka・Kohei Tamura・Sunao Takagi (JOGMEC), Toshifumi Matsuoka (Fukada Geological Institute) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC 2019) March 26, 2019
010756 Presentation Oil characterization and potential source rock in Ana Maria and Guacanayabo basins in the southeastern Cuba Yuta Yonekura・Miki Amo(JOGMEC), Isabel Morales Carrillo(CEINPET), José Orland López-Quintero(Comercial CUPET S.A.), Zulema Domínguez Sardiñas(CEINPET) Geology and Geophysics Division VIII Earth Sciences Convention (GEOSCIENCES´2019) April 1, 2019
010752 Research Paper Upscaled anisotropic methane hydrate critical state model for 2 turbidite hydrate-bearing sediments at East Nankai Trough M.Zhou(University of Cambridge), Kenichi Soga(University of California, Berkeley), Koji Yamamoto(JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth Volume123, Issue8 August 1, 2018
010741 Presentation Effective Fracture Thickness Estimation Using Microseismic Events Distribution Naoyuki Shimoda(JOGMEC), Anton Reshetnikov(Completion Imaging Analytics Ltd.), Serge A. Shapiro(Free University of Berlin) Geology & Geophysics Division International Petroleum Technology Conference(IPTC 2019) March 26, 2019
010708 Research Paper Influence of carbonated water–rock interactions on enhanced oil recovery in carbonate reservoirs: Experimental investigation and geochemical modeling Mai Shimokawara(JOGMEC),Elakneswaran Yogarajah・Toyoharu Nawa(Hokkaido University),Satoru takahashi(JOGMEC) Technology Department Research Laboratory Division Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute Vol.62,(1),P.19-27(2019) January 1, 2019
010706 Research Paper Moment tensor analysis of acoustic emissions induced by laboratory-based hydraulic fracturing in granite Kazune Yamamoto・Makoto Naoi(Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University),Youqing Chen(Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University),Kengo Nishihara・Shunsuke Yano(Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University),
Hironori Kawakata(College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University),Takashi Akai・Isao Kurosawa(JOGMEC),Tsuyoshi Ishida(Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division Geophysical Journal International, Volume 216, Issue 3, P.1507-1516 March 1, 2019
010691 Presentation Burial and thermal evolution of siliceous rocks in Neogene Akita basin, Northern Japan, by means of organic geochemistry Shun Chiyonobu(Akita Universit),Hirotaka Yamamoto(Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.,),Shigehiro Kitamura(JOGMEC) Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall Meeting December 10, 2018
010701 Presentation Broadband Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data for Hydrate Prospected Area: Examples from Tokaioki-Kumanonada, Offshore Japan Akira Fujimoto (JOGMEC) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group 2018 AGU Fall Meeting December 10, 2018
010699 Presentation Lithological features analyzed by Pressure Core and Wireline Logging Data of the 2nd Offshore Gas Production Test Site, NE-Nankai Trough, Japan Kiyofumi Suzuki・Aung Than Tin・Tetsuya Fujii・Makoto Tanaka・Akira Fujimoto (JOGMEC), Machiko Tamaki・Yuhei Komatsu (JOE) Methane Hydrate Research & Development Group 2018 AGU Fall Meeting December 10, 2018
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