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Reduction of CO2 emissions in domestic offices and stockpiling bases

We will consider further reduction of CO2 emissions from JOGMEC control-facilities. Specifically, we promote efforts such as surveys of the possibility of utilizing hydrogen in stockpiling bases.

Current status:
JOGMEC is designated as a Specified Businesses according to the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. We report on the energy consumption of the previous year and submit the mid-to long-term plan document for energy rationalization to the Ministry annually as the obligation of the Specified Businesses. JOGMEC has been certified as S class for the last five years (from 2016 to 2020FY), achieving 1% reduction of the intensity per year.
In FY2021, we conducted a study on the decarbonization of the national stockpiling bases, and as a result of analysis and evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from the bases and examination of possible renewable energy sources, etc., it was found that power generation using hydrogen would be effective if hydrogen prices were lowered. In FY2022, based on the results of the FY2021 study, we are conducting a conceptual study for the introduction of a power generation facility using hydrogen to further reduce CO2 emissions from a specific facility (Kamisu National LP Gas Stockpiling Base) managed by JOGMEC.
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