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Technical support and technology transfer

 In order to promote the stable supply of coal to Japan, JOGMEC has provided technical support to resolve some challenges of the production technology at the operational sites where Japanese companies get involved and to investigate the possibility of coal mine development projects in which Japanese companies are considering to participate . Furthermore, JOGMEC helps to ease the tight supply and demand caused by increasing demand in coal-producing countries by transferring coal extraction and security technologies to coal-producing countries.

Technical support

Technical support to meet the needs of the operation sites and planned projects

 JOGMEC supports solution projects for technical issues at the operations sites where Japanese companies are involved and also evaluation of coal mines and F/S of coal mine development projects. This support takes the form of a joint study program between Japanese companies and JOGMEC. It aims to promote acquiring mining interests by Japanese companies and also contributes to the stable supply of coal resources to Japan in the days ahead.
 Investigation of the possibility of Brown coal co-production reforming technology.
 Brown coal abundantly present in Indonesia has a high moisture content, low calorific value, and pyrophoric property. Therefore, it isn’t able to be exported even at low production cost and it is limited to small-scale use on local coal-fired plants. The technology to convert brown coal to economically exportable energy has not yet reached commercialization. The Australian Co-Production-type Thermal Hydroxylation Procedure (the Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR)) is expected to produce about 600 kg of PCI grade charcoal and about 1 bbl of synthetic oil from 1 ton of dry brown coal and to have a great economic performance
 In order to clarify the compatibility of this Cat-HTR technology to Indonesian Brown coal, we have been carrying out demonstration tests.

Transfer of coal exploration technology project

 Many Asian coal-producing countries have been increasing their domestic consumption of coal so that they need to expand production and ensure security at coal mines at the same time. In technical transfer projects, production and security technologies are transferred to coal mine workers in these countries, utilizing the knowledge and networks of Japan. JOGMEC also has been dispatchingJapanese engineers to coal-producing countries and giving technical guidance based on local requirements.

Practice guidance in the underground in Vietnam

 Jointly supporting project for coal mining. In this project, JOGMEC promotes commercialization of bio call briquette manufacturing with the use of unutilized low-grade coal based on "5-year coal industry development plan" signed between the Government of Japan and Mozambique. As Human Resource Development projects invitation trainings to Japan, and field trainings by dispatched experts have been carried out.

Bio coal briquette

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