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Johannesburg Office Opening Ceremony

February 8, 2019

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC) opened its office in Johannesburg, the largest city in Republic of South Africa, on February1, 2019 to oversee the energy and mining operations in Africa. This is the JOGMEC’s first office in Africa. At the opening ceremony, we invited many guests including the government officers from the Republic of South Africa and South African Development Community(SADC)and the individuals from mining industries.
JOGMEC sees that Africa will become increasingly more significant for the business development of our organization, which has a mission to secure stable supply of resources for Japan. To further accelerate the activities to pursue the mission, JOGMEC decided to open an office in Johannesburg as a base for our operations in Africa.
The opening ceremony was held on February 1, 2019 in Johannesburg to notify those who are involved in mineral resources in South Africa and other southern African states about the opening of this office. This should help the Johannesburg Office to be effective and for the smooth operation of the business activities.
The ceremony was attended by the Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, along with government officials and business persons from the Japanese corporations located in South Africa, the Council for Geoscience(CGS)under the jurisdiction of the Department of Mineral Resources of Republic of South Africa, the Chamber of Mines and mining countries located in South Africa. The government officials who also attended were from Angola and Lesotho, South African Development Community (SADC). In total, about 100 people attended the ceremony.
Firstly, Mr. Hosono, Chairman & CEO of JOGMEC, spoke to the attendees that JOGMEC has widely expanded its businesses in Africa recently, and the opening of the office should meet the needs of the Japanese corporations and further contribute to security of stable supply of resources to Japan and development of these countries. Furthermore, Mr. Harada was introduced as the first General Manager of the Johannesburg Office.
Mr. Mosa Mabuza, CEO of CGS, gave JOGMEC a congratulatory speech and showed his expectation for the opening of the office to establish a stronger relationship between CGS and JOGMEC.
Mr. Harada, the General Manager of the Johannesburg Office, introduced our Johannesburg office and said that he would like to collect information in Africa and strengthen the ties with African countries from now.
Lastly, H.E. Mr. Maruyama, Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa said that it is meaningful to open the office in Africa this year because G20 and TICAD 7 will be held in the same year.
Since the opening of the Geologic Remote Sensing Center in Botswana in 2008, JOGMEC has been working on technology transfer in satellite image analysis for mineral resource exploration and in human resources development for the member states of the Southern African Development Community(SADC). By opening the Johannesburg office, JOGMEC will be able to collaborate better with the Geologic Remote Sensing Center in human resource development and other areas, while strengthening the relationships with African countries.
  • Mr. Tetsuhiro Hosono, Chairman & CEO of JOGMEC

  • Mr. Mosa Mabuza, CEO of CGS

  • Mr. Takeshi Harada, first General Manager of the Johannesburg Office

  • H.E. Mr. Norio Maruyama, Japanese Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa

  • “Kagami-wari” ceremony to mark the opening of Johannesburg Office

  • Ceremony Venue

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