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The 19th Coal Investment Promotion Seminar

September 6, 2017

 Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) held the 19th Coal Investment Promotion Seminar on September 1, 2017 to discuss mining project studies and investment decisions.
 In order to further secure a stable supply of coal resources, JOGMEC invites government officials of coal producing countries and executive officers of coal-related companies to present at ‘Coal Investment Promotion Seminars’ to provide information on coal policies and development of coal related projects in these countries.

 This time, as part of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of Queensland, Australia and JOGMEC, we invited Mr. Simon Hanrahan (Mining and Project Evaluation) and Mr. Mark Noppé (Geology and Project Evaluation), representatives of SRK Consulting, an international consulting firm based in Queensland to be the keynote speaker at this seminar. Mr. Hanrahan and Mr Noppé gave an informative seminar titled “Project studies and their impact on investment decisions”. The seminar was attended by over 50 attendees from trading companies, resources companies, steelmaking companies, power companies, financial institutions, cement companies, engineering companies and think tanks.

 Mr. Hanrahan and Mr. Noppé each have over 30 years of experience in evaluation and consulting on coal and mineral projects. In this seminar, Mr. Hanrahan and Mr. Noppé discussed the importance of exploration and technical risk assessment which forms the basis of economic evaluation of the project. They also touched on the impacts of Queensland’s Financial Assurance reform related to rehabilitation responsibilities and spoke about lessons learnt from case studies. During Q&A session after the lecture, Mr. Hanrahan and Mr. Noppé discussed how to best reflect technical risks in mine development projects onto economic evaluations.

 JOGMEC will continue to offer beneficial information to our clients through our seminars and research. For the latest information about coal resource development, please check JOGMEC coal section on our website or subscribe to “JOGMEC Coal Newsletter”.

 Based on feedback and requests from our clients, JOGMEC is determined to continue to further improve our provision of information and enrich our development support tools.

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Mr. Tak Adachi, Commissioner of Trade and Investment Queensland Japan Office

Mr. Simon Hanrahan, SRK Consulting

Mr Mark Noppé, SRK Consulting

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