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Successful Award of Exploration Licenses offshore Greenland

December 24, 2013

 JOGMEC (President: Hirobumi Kawano) announced today that two exploration licenses have been successfully awarded to JOGMEC-assisted Greenland Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (“GreenPeX”), jointly with Chevron and Shell, as a result of the Licensing Round 2012/2013 in Greenland Sea Area, northeastern part of offshore Greenland, Greenland Self-Government.
 The twin licenses, No.2013/45 and No.2013/46, correspond, respectively, to Block 9 (2,220 km2) and Block 14 (2,634 km2), located in the so-called “KANUMAS” area, approximately 60-200 km northeastern part of offshore Greenland with a water depth of approximately 150m to 450m. GreenPeX holds a 29.1667% participating interest of each Block together with Chevron as the operator and Shell, each holding 29.1667%, as well as Nunaoil, Greenland national oil company, holding the remaining 12.5%.

 In February, 2012, JOGMEC announced its approval of equity financing to GreenPeX, established by several Japanese upstream companies led by INPEX CORPORATION, to implement a preferential position afforded to JOGMEC through long history of participation in KANUMAS project initiated by its predecessor, Japan National Oil Corporation.

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 JOGMEC has witnessed a series of milestones to start the long-awaited exploration activities in this high-potential area, and will continue to be involved towards further achievement. It is also expected this project will enhance Japan’s energy security when successful.

Corporate Data: Greenland Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment: May 23. 2011
Head Office: Tokyo, Japan
Director & President: Mr. Toshiaki Kitamura
Shareholders after JOGMEC’s funding (voting rights):
INPEX CORPORATION                 28.9%
JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation   11.1%
Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.        8.1%
Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd.             1.9%
JOGMEC                           50.0%

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