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Report of Technical Solutions Training Program [Zero Emission Course]

November 7, 2014

 Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation(JOGMEC/President: Mr. Hirobumi KAWANO)conducted the Technical Solutions Training Program [Zero Emission Course] from September 8 to October 3, 2014. Eight (8) engineers from three countries (the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Mexico) participated, and the course was successfully completed
 As a government agency of one of the largest energy consuming countries in the world, JOGMEC places great value on strengthening the relationships with oil and gas producing countries by contributing to their human resources development. JOGMEC invites oil and gas engineers from ministries, national oil companies, and their group companies to provide the E&P related training courses under the Overseas Training Program. Since the JOGMEC’s training program started in 1989, more than 3,200 participants from 47 countries have completed the courses.

 The Zero Emission ※1 Course was conducted as the second course under the “Technical Solutions Training Program.”This program is a new addition to JOGMEC’s training scheme and also a component of JOGMEC’s initiative, the “Technical Solutions Project. ※2”In this new training program, JOGMEC aims to help all the participants to find “technical solutions” for technical challenges they face in oil and gas E&P fields, through active discussions and workshops on Japanese and international best practices with advanced technologies.

 In the Zero Emission Course, participants gained greater insights into“Zero Emission”concept, as well as technologies for improved productivity and environmental protection, such as produced-water treatment, zero waste management, re-use of oily sludge for making Eco-cement, and NORM ※3 management. The participants also had opportunities to visit various leading Japanese companies with innovative technologies, and to discuss potential application of these technologies to solve technical challenges in oil and gas fields.
 Thanks to the participants, eight professional engineers ※4 who have respective experiences and expertise in the area of oil and gas production and operation management, lively discussions were held throughout the course.
 The Zero Emission Course received positive feedbacks from the participants. JOGMEC is planning the next Technical Solutions Training Program in autumn 2015.

※1 Zero Emission: the concept of “Zero Emission” in this Course is not limited to reduction and/or zero emission of flare gas and CO2, but is extended to re-use of “waste” in order to enhance the productivity of oil and gas(CO2-EOR) also to make other products such as Eco-cement and iodine that have values in the different industries. Through application of these approaches, the oil and gas E&P project is able to achieve the real “Zero Emission.”
※2 “Technical Solutions Project”: a new initiative, launched in 2013 by JOGMEC, in which JOGMEC conducts technology development collaboratively with a wide range of Japanese industries to customize advanced technologies and offer “technical solutions” for the challenges in oil and gas E&P projects.
※3 NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.
※4 For eight participants’affiliation, see“Course Abstract.”

Course Abstract


JOGMEC Technical Solutions Training Program [Zero Emission Course – Oil and Gas Production Technology toward Zero Emission]


September 8, 2014 – October 3, 2014 (4 weeks)


Production, Operation, Process engineers, and HSE managers from government and national companies of oil and gas producing countries
・UAE (3 participants): ADNOC, ADCO
・Qatar (4 participants): Qatar Petroleum
・Mexico (1 participant): IMP(Institute Mexicano del Petroleo)


Japan Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., JOGMEC with support of professional lecturers from more than fifteen (15) Japanese leading companies, public interest incorporated foundation and university.

Picture at Taiheiyo Cement Corporation [Zero Emission Course] (September 24, 2014)

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