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The 7th Coal Investment Promotion Seminar

February 10, 2015

 JOGMEC (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, president: Mr. Hirobumi Kawano) held  “The 7th Coal Investment Promotion Seminar” at Queensland Government Japan Office on February 5, 2015 which provided the latest information on plans for development of railway in the Surat Basin and the coal mine development by local company in Australia.
 JOGMEC has been holding “Coal Investment Promotion Seminars” for Japanese companies inviting senior officials of coal producing countries and the directors of the coal companies to provide information on the status of coal mine developments and the coal policy of major coal producing countries.

 This seminar was held under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Queensland Government and JOGMEC for comprehensive and strategic partnership that was signed in September 2013, and it’s theme was “The Surat Basin : the next coal development region”

 JOGMEC invited Mr. Nick Jorss, CEO, Stanmore Coal, a coal company with projects in Queensland's Bowen and Surat Basins and Mr. John Balassis, Managing Director, ATEC Rail Group, an investment company planning rail projects in the Surat Basin.The presenters provided the latest information about Stanmore Coal projects and the current status of rail projects in the Surat Basin. The Surat Basin is the next new frontier of coal production in Queensland, but as new infrastructure needs to be put in place for this to occur, a lot of attention is currently focused on its development.

 Japanese companies are participating in many projects in the Surat Basin. With a joint exploration contract signed with Stanmore Coal in December 2013, JOGMEC has been conducting exploration in the Surat Basin’s Clifford area. As a large reserve of good ignition steaming coal is anticipated, this project will contribute to the securing of a stable coal supply to Japan.

 The seminar was great success with 23 participants from companies related to natural resources and energy, cement, trading, public institution and the press. In the Q&A session, the participants showed their interests in topics such as the coal price which will support new rail infrastructure. In the networking reception after the seminar, the participants had another active exchange of opinions.
  • Stanmore Coal:Mr. Nick Jorss, CEO

  • ATEC Rail Group:Mr. John Balassis, Managing Director

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