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JOGMEC co-hosts webinar with Queensland Government, Australia on resource and energy policies and some coking coal projects

November 9, 2022

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) co-hosted an online seminar with the Queensland Government on November 2, 2022 on the theme “Update on the Queensland Government’s Resource and Energy Policies and Introduction to Two Coking Coal Projects.”
Queensland, Australia(“QLD”)is one of the world’s leading coal-producing regions, and the resources sector is its main industry. For this reason, the QLD Government and JOGMEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)for a comprehensive and strategic partnership in September 2013. Since then, JOGMEC has held regular investment seminars for Japanese companies with the aim of promoting investment in QLD’s resources sector.

This online seminar gave general information about the policies related to resources(including coal)published by the QLD Government this year. Officials from the QLD Government spoke about the Resources Industry Development Plan, the Energy and Job Plan, and the Coal Plan, providing an important opportunity to share the details of QLD’s comprehensive resource strategy with Japanese companies.
Due to soaring market prices, many coking coal projects in QLD are now preparing to produce, and the seminar introduced two such projects and requested investment. The seminar also introduced projects involving critical minerals.

The seminar was attended by 80 participants from Japanese trading companies, steel companies, and resource companies in Japan and Australia. It provided a valuable forum for exchange of views, with many questions being asked in the Q&A session, such as how coking coal importing countries should cooperate with QLD on CO2 reduction, and the QLD Government’s policy in response to the coal embargo against Russia.

JOGMEC will continue to host seminars to provide useful information about ensuring the stability of coal resources. For the latest information on coal resource development, please visit the JOGMEC Coal Development Department website or register for the email magazine “JOGMEC Coal Communications.”
  • Mr. Yoshiaki Igarashi, Executive Vice President, Member of the Board

  • Hon Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, Queensland Government

  • Mr. Darren Moor, Department of Resources,(Left)
    Ms. Carlye Sycz, Department of Resources,(Right)
    Queensland Government

  • Mr. Barry Tudor, Pembroke Resources

  • Mr. Nick Jorss, Bowen Coking Coal

  • Mr. David Shankey, Energy Division, Queensland

Mr. Tony Knight, Department of Resources

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