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[Report] Seminar on Decarbonization of Metallurgical Coal Mines Held in Collaboration with the Queensland Government, Australia

April 18, 2024

Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC) held an online seminar on the decarbonization of Queensland’s metallurgical coal mines on April 9, 2024, in collaboration with the Queensland Government, Australia.
Queensland, Australia (hereinafter referred to as "QLD"), has various natural resources such as high-grade coal, natural gas, metals, and others. In September 2013, JOGMEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with the QLD government to promote investment in the state's resources sector and has been holding seminars for Japanese companies in collaboration with QLD government.

This seminar focused on the QLD government’s "Low Emissions Investment Partnerships" ("LEIP") program which opened in February of this year and focuses on metallurgical coal mines. LEIP supports decarbonization investments in Queensland metallurgical coal mines to exceed the Australian Government’s Safeguard Mechanism ("SGM") which sets greenhouse gas emission limits for each mine (effective from July 2023).

During the seminar, attendees were able to hear directly from QLD Treasury officials about the LEIP program guidelines. In addition, representatives from two Japanese companies (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Komatsu Ltd.) presented on decarbonization technologies for coal mines.
The seminar saw approximately 120 participants from trading houses, steel companies, machinery manufacturers, automobile companies, gas companies, research institutions, and others, engaging in lively discussions during the Q&A session.

There are numerous coal mines in QLD with long-standing Japanese investment interests. These mines have long contributed to the supply of high-grade coal for Japan and have recently made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, further investment may be necessary to comply with the SGM in the future. The LEIP program is expected to provide significant support in this regard.
JOGMEC will continue to hold such seminars to support Japanese investment to ensure the stable supply of high-grade coal.
  • Ms. SEKIMOTO Maki, Executive Vice President, JOGMEC

  • Ms. Lana Bartholomew (center), Ms. Gabrielle Hemmings (right), Mr. Grant Clements (left),
    Investment Partnerships, Queensland Treasury

  • Mr. UJIIE Junya, Group Head, Group 2 (Asia Pacific), GX (Green Transformation) Solutions, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

  • Mr. ISHIHARA Takashi, Supreme Engineer,
    Office of CTO, Komatsu Ltd.

Mr. ADACHI Tak, Queensland Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner – North Asia, Trade and Investment Queensland

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