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Wind Condition and Geological Surveys

Japan’s offshore wind potential has gained attention in recent years. In order to explore the possibility of using the ocean surrounding Japan for energy security and carbon neutrality, the Japanese government introduced the Japan-Version Centralized Model. In this initiative, the Japanese government uses information from local governments to select areas for offshore wind development and manages the public bid process for awarding the Exclusive Occupancy and Use Permits to grid operators for these government-designated offshore wind areas.

However, as multiple grid operators conducted their own initial surveys, project formation became inefficient. Further, the overlapping surveys by multiple grid operators placed a heavy burden on the local communities.

In order to reduce the burden on local communities and provide the requisite data for initial planning to grid operators, in 2022, the Japanese government empowered JOGMEC, a government agency, to conduct initial surveys for meteorological, oceanographic, atmospheric, and seafloor geological conditions. JOGMEC will contribute to the acceleration of Japan’s offshore wind projects by providing the survey results to grid operators.

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