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Oil and Natural Gas

To ensure stable supplies of oil and natural gas, JOGMEC is contributing in a wide variety of areas including survey, research, development and production.

Strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with resource-rich countries is essential for developing oil and natural gas resources. As a governmental organization, JOGMEC conducts various projects to support Japan’s resource diplomacy, collaborating with national oil companies, and providing advanced technical training for experts such as geologists and geophysicists from producing countries.

While conducting surveys and studies with resource-rich countries, will confirm possible presence of resources,
JOGMEC also supports Japanese companies financially in the exploration, development and production stages by providing equity capital and liability guarantees.

JOGMEC is engaged in a wide range of activities to increase recoverable resources through advancement of state of the art technological development, taking on technological and challenges in methane hydrate, GTL and other new area of resources and energy, with emphasis on the preservation of environment.

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