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Technical Solutions Project

Activities of Technical Solutions Project

 In light of increasing technical difficulties of oil and gas developments, Exploration and Production projects need a wide range of new technologies. JOGMEC is ready to answer this growing demand. Technical Solutions Project provides advanced and cutting-edge technologies (seeds) of Japanese companies to solve technical problems (needs) of oil and gas-producing countries. JOGMECʼs prime task is to promptly grasp technical needs of the oil and gas-producing countries to propose the right technical solutions for their needs. As a foundation of this project, JOGMEC actively continues technological development with a wide range of Japanese industries.
 JOGMEC customizes the Japanese high-end technologies, in addition to conventional technologies, to make a suitable technical solutions package for oil and gas-producing country.

Technology Development & Demonstration

JOGMEC will continue to propose technological development packages that utilize
the high-end technologies of Japanese companies, in addition to conventional technologies.

Scheme of Technology Development

 Technology development will be conducted through a 3-phase scheme, after a screening of technologies. At Phase 1, basic laboratory tests will be conducted. Then at Phase 2, a small scale pilot plant test in Japan will be conducted, to prepare for a larger scale field demonstration with NOC/IOC (Phase 3). After Phase 3 is completed, the technology can be deployed to the field.
Scheme of Technical Development
 Technical Solutions Project has adopted themes shown below through public offering. Regarding some of the technologies, we have been in communication with NOCs/IOCs for joint studies and field tests.

Phase 2 Themes (Small scale pilot plant tests)

1. Pilot plant test of Supercritical Water Cracking (SCWC) technology
2. CO2 Removal System Using Novel Zeolite Membrane
3. Ceramic Membrane-based Produced Water Treatment Technology
4. Development of Optical interferometoric sensors for an Advanced reservoir monitoring system

JOGMEC Techno Forum

 JOGMEC Techno Forum holds its purpose of strengthening the relationships between Japanese companies holding cutting-edge technologies and resource developing countries whom expect much in these technologies. JOGMEC held “JOGMEC Techno Forum 2017” at Palace Hotel Tokyo on November 28 and 29, 2017, which was the 5th time for JOGMEC to host the event. During the forum, 24 speeches were presented by speakers from government agencies and NOCs of oil and gas producing countries, and domestic and oversea companies in E&P or related fields. Panel discussion was also organized and 4 experts from global E&P and service companies discussed the theme of “Technology Innovation”.
 Simultaneously, Japanese cutting-edge technologies from 17 companies were displayed as solutions to the technical challenges at exhibition. JOGMEC Stockpiling Department also showcased technologies used in floating storage system, and JOGMEC’s activities were introduced with the poster exhibition. A total of 1,800 people visited this forum.
Report of JOGMEC Techno Forum 2017
JOGMEC Techno Forum 2017

Previously held events

Technical Solutions Training Program

 This Technical Solutions Training Program is a newly added element to JOGMEC’s training scheme and also a component of Technical Solutions Project. In this training program, JOGMEC aims to help all the participants in finding “technical solutions” with applicable Japanese cutting edge technologies to solve the technical challenges they face in their oil and gas E&P fields. JOGMEC is willing to contribute for the participants’ organizations by providing technical supports to solve these challenges through future cooperative work.
 The courses previously held have earned a high reputation, incorporating workshops to discuss the technical challenges that the NOCs face by introducing Japanese cutting-edge technologies.

Report of Technical Solutions Training Program

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