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Technical training

Technical training programs for overseas participants

Japan strengthens cooperative relationships with oil and gas-producing countries by contributing to human resources development in these countries. JOGMEC invites oil and gas experts from these countries and provides various training programs over a wide range extending from basics to specialized technologies.

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These courses consist of technical lectures, workshops, and field trips to impart practical skills and the latest knowledge. They are introduced to Japanese culture and language through orientation sessions and later regional trips to get acquainted with its history. Since its inception in 1989, more than 4,500 participants have been invited from 52 countries. Many of our “Alumni” are now in responsible positions in ministries and national oil companies. Both JOGMEC and the participating countries appreciate the training programs as good opportunity for human networking as well as for technology transfer. Several joint projects have been initiated by JOGMEC and the participating countries as a result of cooperative relationships and mutual understanding fostered through the program.

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