JOGMEC has conducted R&D in EOR technologies, including thermal, chemical and gas EOR, for more than 30 years. CO2-EOR, highly acclaimed by oil- and gas-producing countries, is one of JOGMEC’s top priorities. With a wide range of experience, ranging from basic studies to field applications for maximizing oil recovery, JOGMEC is confident in its EOR portfolio. JOGMEC is also working on tackling the challenge of recovering CO2 from plant exhaust gas. Using advanced Japanese technology, a stable supply of CO2 gas can be captured from oil refineries, power plants or other facilities to be used in EOR operations. This process subsequently reduces process CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) and JOGMEC conducted a feasibility study for the offshore field application of CO2-EOR. As a result of this study, JOGMEC carried out a small scale pilot test and confirmed incrementally improved oil production using CO2.
 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and JOGMEC have been conducting a CO2-EOR study in Lower Zakum oil field, offshore Abu Dhabi, since 2009. JOGMEC drew up a conceptual plan for a CO2-EOR pilot test and conducted a preliminary survey of cross-well monitoring using seismic and electromagnetic technologies for evaluating the proposed pilot test. In this way, JOGMEC is working to strengthen relationships with ADNOC and other national oil companies in order to acquiring and maintaining rights and interests in major oilfields for Japanese private companies.

Scheme of CO2-EOR

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