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Unconventional oil & gas development technology

Optimization of shale (tight) oil and gas development

 For the commercial development of shale (tight) oil and gas, it is essential to utilize horizontal well drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies as the hydrocarbon is stored in nano-scale pore spaces in shale (tight) rocks. To understand the hydrocarbon storage and complex transportation mechanisms within shale (tight) rocks and to evaluate the efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing, fundamental R&D plays an important role.
 JOGMEC has nano- and micro-scale observation tools (μXCT, FIB/SEM, NMR) and performs pore-scale characterization and modeling for shale (tight) rocks. In addition, seismic-based reservoir characterization, which integrated geomechanical, geochemical and geological data into 3D model, is undertaken.

Pore structure of shale sample, obtained by sequential 2D
cross-section observation using an electron microscope
(left: 3D visualization of shale,right:red and blue
represent organic matters and pores, respectively).

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