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Methane Hydrate

 Methane hydrate, found below the deep-ocean floor off the coast of Japan, has the potential to meet the nation’s natural gas needs. JOGMEC is closely involved in the planning and investigation necessary to make this resource available for practical use, as a next-generation source of clean energy.
 Since 2001, we have been researching and developing technologies for methane hydrate production as a member of the“Research Consortium for Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan (MH21)”, organized under industry-academia-government cooperation. In 2008, the team achieved the world’s first onshore production test using the “depressurization method”, successfully obtaining meaningful results.
 In 2013, we completed an offshore production test of methane hydrate, first in the world, off the coasts of the Atsumi and Shima Peninsula in Japan and produced approx. 120,000 m3 (approx. 20,000 m3/day) of gas during a 6-day testing period.
 In 2017, we conducted the second offshore methane hydrate production test. We have been working on analyzing the data which were obtained from this test.

 As a global pioneering project, we are determined to promote the development of technologies continuously and proceeding with enhancement of the technology platform for future commercial production.

Gas flare produced in the second offshore production test
《Source: Research Consortium for Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan》

For more information:http://www.mh21japan.gr.jp/english/外部リンク

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