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Produced water treatment system

 JOGMEC has been collaboratively researching a system for treating produced water with PEMEX E&P of Mexico, since 2009, called FMS (Flocculation and Magnetic-Separation).
 The FMS technology removes oil and solids contained in produced water by using a magnetic f locculating agent. Once formed, oil- and solid-containing aggregates are separated from the water using a strong magnet. FMS equipment is compact, yet yields a rapid and high-quality process for treating produced water. In 2012, a demonstration test was conducted on an offshore platform in Mexico using FMS (treating capacity: 10,000b/ d) to treat produced water. The system was jointly developed by Hitachi Ltd. and JOGMEC. As an innovative and newly developed technology of Japan, FMS is attracting global attention.

FMS undergoing performance verification
tests on off shore platform in Cantarell Oil Field, Mexico

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