Stockpiling Activities

Providing loans to finance purchasing

JOGMEC provides loans to private companies with stockpiling obligations to finance the purchasing of petroleum and LP gas for stockpiling.

Full view of Kamisu National LP Gas Stockpiling Base

International cooperation

Stockpiling tunnel

The member countries of the International Energy Agency (IEA) are aiming to establish energy security focused on petroleum and a stable energy demand and supply structure for the medium and long term. For Japan, which relies on imports for most of its energy supply, cooperation with the IEA is extremely important.

Safety management of stockpile bases

Comprehensive disaster drill

At stockpile bases, JOGMEC strictly monitors compliance with relevant laws including the Fire Service Act, Act on the Prevention of Disaster in Petroleum Industrial Complexes and Other Petroleum Facilities, and the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, to ensure safety and prevent disasters. JOGMEC also strictly monitors operational management.

Technological development

Guard basin (discharge tank)
for checking the discharge water is not contaminated

In order to improve the safety and reliability of national stockpile bases and reduce the cost of the national stockpiling programs, JOGMEC has been carrying out various surveys and researches on stockpiling technology, including preservation of petroleum quality, maintenance of tanks, etc., and studies on safety and disaster prevention.

Releasing petroleum in emergency situations

Emergency release drill

In cooperation and collaboration with the IEA, JOGMEC will respond to emergency situations by appropriately combining measures such as releasing petroleum from the stockpile and suppressing demand and taking into account such factors as the degree and expected duration of supply shortage and the domestic demand and supply trends.

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