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Terms of Use

Copyrights and Site Conduct

1. Copyrights, etc.

The copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property related to the information, contents, text, trademarks, logos, images and other data on this Website belong to JOGMEC, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

Any transfer or reproduction of this Website in whole or in part, in either its existing form or modified form, is expressly prohibited except for personal use or citation for nonprofit purposes permitted under copyright law and other laws.

When using the information, contents, text, trademarks, logos or images on the Website for printing in publications or broadcasting, please contact "Contact Us" in advance.

2. Indemnity

JOGMEC makes no warranty as to the accuracy, usefulness or security of the information posted on this Website. Furthermore, JOGMEC shall not be liable for any results arising from decisions or actions taken by the user based on the posted information.

JOGMEC reserves the right to modify or remove names, contents, URLs and other information on this Website without prior notice. You agree that JOGMEC shall not be liable for any effects or losses that arise as a result of the modification or removal of the information and other data posted on this Website.

3. Site Conduct

Please be aware that when using this Website, you may not engage in any of the following:

  1. Conduct that is, or may be, detrimental or damaging, invasive of property or privacy, or slanderous or defamatory to JOGMEC or any third party.
  2. Registration of the e-mail address, etc. of other persons, or filing of false reports or notifications.
  3. Conduct that is, or may be, contrary to public order and morals or connected to crime.
  4. Activities for the purpose of profit, or preparation for such activities.
  5. Use or provision of computer viruses or other malicious software, or acts that may result in use or provision of such software.
  6. Conduct that is, or may be, in violation of laws or regulations.
  7. Any other conduct that JOGMEC judges to be inappropriate.

Recently, spam e-mail using JOGMEC's name has been circulating in violation of the above rules. There is no connection whatsoever between this spam e-mail and JOGMEC.

Linking to the Website

You may not link to this website without prior written permission from JOGMEC.

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